Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Experiments In Bone And Flesh (Part Whatever)

States Turn to an Unproven Method of Execution: Nitrogen Gas.

Hamstrung by troubles with lethal injection — gruesomely botched attempts, legal battles and growing difficulty obtaining the drugs — states are looking for alternative ways to carry out the death penalty. High on the list for some is a method that has never been used before: inhaling nitrogen gas.
Oklahoma, Alabama and Mississippi have authorized nitrogen for executions and are developing protocols to use it, which represents a leap into the unknown. There is no scientific data on executing people with nitrogen, leading some experts to question whether states, in trying to solve old problems, may create new ones.
“If and when states begin carrying out executions with nitrogen, it will amount to the same type of experimentation we see in the different variations of lethal injection,” said Jen Moreno, a lawyer who is an expert on lethal injection at the Berkeley Law Death Penalty Clinic.
Old Joe Mengele would be proud.
Nebraska and Nevada hope to soon start using the opioid fentanyl as a sedative. Illegal use has made it a scourge of national death statistics, but medically it is an important painkiller and anesthetic. Defense lawyers in Nebraska have argued that fentanyl comes under a federal law that limits its distribution to lifesaving purposes, and that it is therefore illegal for a prison clinic to distribute it for an execution. A trial seeking information about the source of the fentanyl is scheduled for May 14.
Well, since opioids and the synthetic version fentanyl are already killing 65,000 people a year in the U.S., what's a few more death row inmates, right?

But more troubling is the Final Exit-approved method of nitrogen gas.
In March, Oklahoma’s attorney general, Mike Hunter, said that using nitrogen was “the safest, the best and the most effective method available.”
There is scant scientific data to back up that statement. What little is known about human death by nitrogen comes from industrial and medical accidents and its use in suicide. In accidents, when people have been exposed to high levels of nitrogen and little air in an enclosed space, they have died quickly. In some cases co-workers who rushed in to rescue them also collapsed and died.
Er... wonder how hard it will be to get folks to volunteer for the execution team under those circumstances. "The inmate will probably die, but there's a chance you might too." Sure, I'll do it for the extra pay check.

Also, Mike Hunter's goofy comments, which I appropriately ridiculed back in March, are still as goofy today as they were then.
Dr. Charles D. Blanke, who has studied data on physician-assisted dying, said it was not at all clear that nitrogen inhalation would bring a peaceful death. Dr. Blanke, a medical oncologist and professor at Oregon Health and Science University, said he had consulted colleagues in pulmonary medicine and anesthesiology, and they had concerns that carbon dioxide actually could build up and cause feelings of suffocation.
Nitrogen is not used in states where medically assisted dying is legal; those patients, who are terminally ill, usually drink a huge dose of barbiturates.
So in other words, Chuck Blanke doesn't know what would happen either.
Veterinary experts generally do not recommend nitrogen or other inert gases for euthanizing mammals. Responses to the gas vary according to species, and in its 2013 guidelines, the American Veterinary Medical Association said, “Current evidence indicates this method is unacceptable because animals may experience distressing side effects before loss of consciousness.”
Look, at least when we moved from the three drug protocol in lethal injection to the single drug barbiturate push, I mentioned at least the method was Vet-approved. Same way we put down our dogs and cats is good enough for them criminals. 

But you can't even get the Vets to go along with this shit. In fact, the only people you can are the Final Exit assisted suicide nut cases.
The Final Exit Network, a volunteer organization that supports the rights of people with terminal illness or intractable suffering to end their lives, considers nitrogen inhalation a reasonable method, and directs people to information about it. The technique involves putting a plastic bag over one’s head and pumping in nitrogen.
Janis Landis, president of the network, said: “The science behind inert gases is quite well settled. Any inert gas, one can breathe it in, in place of oxygen. You don’t have air hunger. You can keep breathing. You pass out and you die.”
Ms. Landis said, “People opposed to the death penalty, scratching their heads about how this could work, I think they’re mixing up their views about whether this should be done versus whether it can be done.”
Er, no Janis. What they're scratching their heads about is how Nazi-like do we want to get in our zest and zeal to kill other human beings? Obviously, being president of such an organization, we know your thoughts. Beats turkey roasting bags and hose pipes hooked up to helium tanks from Party City, eh?

But it's not just the assisted-suicide ghouls out pushing for nitrogen. So is Big Capitalism.
According to state documents, in May of 2016, an Arizona company sent a sales-pitch letter for nitrogen gas executions to Nebraska corrections officials. Among the standout features of its Euthypoxia Chamber: It “produces calm and sedation followed by inebriation and euphoria;” it “requires no medical expertise;” and it guarantees “the demise of any mammalian life in 4 minutes.”
In passing along the letter to another official, a state corrections department executive hand-wrote: “I’m not intending to respond — just thought it was an odd correspondence.”
LOL. 'Odd' is one word for it. F'ing 'sick' is another.

As I've noted on this blog for more than a decade, the death penalty in 21st century society is an anachronism that is headed for the ash heap of history. As the article notes, out of the handful of countries left that do administer the death penalty, only the U.S. finds itself too squeamish to behead, hang, or shoot people via firing squads (ironic, given our gun fetish). 

So we desperately keep coming up with these increasingly medicalized and sanitized methods to kill that somehow makes us feel better about the whole machinery of death. 

As I wrote back in March, maybe they'll try mass doses of nitrous oxide if pure nitrogen doesn't work or isn't made available. And we can send the condemned to their demise literally laughing their ass off.

Monday, April 2, 2018

The Extortion of the Bail/Bond Racket

When Bail Feels Less Like Freedom, More Like Extortion:

As commercial bail has grown into a $2 billion industry, bond agents have become the payday lenders of the criminal justice world, offering quick relief to desperate customers at high prices. When clients like Mr. Egana cannot afford to pay the bond company’s fee to get them out, bond agents simply loan them the money, allowing them to go on a payment plan.

But bondsmen have extraordinary powers that most lenders do not. They are supposed to return their clients to jail if they skip court or do something illegal. But some states give them broad latitude to arrest their clients for any reason — or none at all. A credit card company cannot jail someone for missing a payment. A bondsman, in many instances, can.
Using that leverage, bond agents can charge steep fees, some of which are illegal, with impunity, according to interviews and a review of court records and complaint data. They can also go far beyond the demands of other creditors by requiring their clients to check in regularly, keep a curfew, allow searches of their car or home at any time, and open their medical, Social Security and phone records to inspection.
If you click on the link to the article, you'll see my comments (a NYT Editor's pick) regarding how this sick industry is a uniquely American phenomenon. In no other country in the world do you have these parasitic middle men scamming the poor and providing a "service" the courts are clearly capable of handling themselves.

Also, I've written on and off about this for over a decade now on this blog. 

You can read the various hard luck stories the Times documents, but they are nothing new in this sense. Bail/Bond companies have been scamming the poor for decades in this country, and like any good leech or insect, is proving damn difficult to kill off and get rid of.

But states have it within their rights to abolish private bail/bond with a simple stroke of the legislative pen. And until governmental leaders get behind the movement to abolish private bail/bond, nothing will ever change for those who have the least among us.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Laughing Gas

Oklahoma Turns To Gas for Executions:

Oklahoma announced Wednesday that after failing to obtain lethal injection drugs, it will seek to execute inmates on death row by asphyxiating them with nitrogen gas.
If the plan is approved by state and federal authorities and courts, Oklahoma would be the first state to put prisoners to death using this method. 
The state has 49 inmates on death row, including 16 who have exhausted their appeals, Mike Hunter, the state’s attorney general, said at a news conference.
“We can no longer sit on the sidelines and wait to find drugs,” he said. The method, in which a mask would be placed over a condemned person’s nose and mouth to flood the lungs with nitrogen, would be “effective, simple to administer, easy to obtain and requires no complex medical procedures,” Mr. Hunter said.
And he should definitely know since he's a medical expert, and not some doofus lawyer/politician who happens to be attorney general. 
Oklahoma’s announcement follows years of national turmoil about execution drugs, including pitched legal battles and resistance from pharmaceutical companies that have questioned whether their products should be used in death chambers.
The scramble for drugs has caused some states to consider unusual or antiquated ways of putting inmates to death.
In 2014, Tennessee authorized prison officials to use the electric chair if lethal injection drugs were unavailable. Gov. Gary R. Herbert of Utah signed a bill into law in 2015 approving firing squads when drugs could not be obtained.
Damn straight.
At the news conference in Oklahoma on Wednesday, officials did not discuss the use of sedatives, but said they had not yet determined a protocol in which to carry out executions with nitrogen.
Death penalty policy experts said that if a federal court approved the method, it would take at least six months — and probably longer — for such an execution to be carried out.
Robert Dunham, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, which opposes the death penalty, called the potential use of nitrogen in capital cases “an experimentation” that would likely cause suffering.
Exactly. Oklahoma is basically saying they're going to make the shit up as they go along, and just see what happens in the gas chamber. Er, execution chamber. Whatever it takes to get 'em dead, no matter how experimental or gruesome the method (paging Dr. Mengele).
Mr. Hunter, the attorney general, said studies described those who had been exposed to “excessive amounts” of inert gas as feeling “fatigue, dizziness, perhaps a headache, loss of breath and eventual loss of consciousness.”
He added: “If oxygen does not displace the inert gas within the individual’s system, in just a few minutes, death will occur. This is the safest, the best and the most effective method available and we’re moving forward.”
Frankly, they should investigate helium rather than subjecting them to nitrogen. Helium is currently used in assisted suicide via underground networks like Final Exit. You put a plastic bag over the dude's head (like a turkey roasting bag you buy at the grocery store), attach it to one end of a hose, and attach the other end to the helium tank. Plus you can buy the shit at Party City or whatever so maybe pick up some balloons to celebrate.

Better yet, why not large doses of nitrous oxide? It's base is nitrogen. You could literally send the condemned to his end laughing his ass off.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

It's Hip To Be Silver

Are Some Inmates Too Old To Be Executed?

The nation’s death rows are starting to look like geriatric wards. Condemned inmates in many states are more likely to die of natural causes than to be executed. The rare ones who are put to death often first spend decades behind bars, waiting.
It turns out that executing old men is not easy. In November, Ohio called off an attempt to execute Alva Campbell, 69, after the execution team could not find a suitable vein into which to pump lethal chemicals. The state announced that it would try again in June 2019, by which time he would have been 71.
But Mr. Campbell suffered from what one judge called an “extraordinary list of ailments.” He used a walker, could barely breathe and relied on a colostomy bag. He was found lifeless in his cell on Saturday, having died in the usual way, without government assistance.
Good times. Hey, he was on government assistance, wasn't he? Weren't we paying for his dern meals and upkeep for more than 30 years? At least we got one less to pay fer now!***
Last week, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case of another Alabama inmate, Vernon Madison, 67, who suffers from dementia and cannot remember the crime that sent him to death row. The court, which has barred the execution of juvenile offenders and the intellectually disabled, is now turning its attention to old people.
Damn libtards are gonna try and say we cain't kill the elderly now too. What's next?***
He has asked that his mother be told of his strokes, but his mother is dead. He soils himself, saying “no one will let me out to use the bathroom,” though there is a toilet in his cell. He says he plans to move to Florida. He can recite the alphabet, but only to the letter G.
Mr. Madison also insists that he “never went around killing folks.”
A court-appointed psychologist found that Mr. Madison had “significant body and cognitive decline as a result of strokes.” But the psychologist testified that Mr. Madison understood what he was accused of and how the state planned to punish him. According to Steve Marshall, Alabama’s attorney general, that is enough.
Damn straight. He's just fakin' all that de-mensha or whatever. Fakin'. And if they'd a jess taken him out and killed him 30 years ago, wouldn't need to be worryin' 'bout no old age on death row. ***
At Mr. Madison’s third trial, the jury voted to sentence him to life in prison. But Judge Ferrill D. McRae, of Mobile County Circuit Court, overrode that verdict and sentenced Mr. Madison to death.
I interviewed Judge McRae in 2011, not long before he died. I had sought him out because he had achieved a rare distinction. He had overridden six jury verdicts calling for life sentences, a state record, while never rejecting a jury’s recommendation of death.
Alabama juries are not notably squeamish about the death penalty, but Judge McRae said they needed to be corrected when they were seized by an impulse toward mercy. “If you didn’t have something like that,” he said of judicial overrides, “a jury with no experience in other cases would be making the ultimate decision, based on nothing.”
Where's my coke bottle to spit my dip in?***
In 2016, Mr. Madison came very close to being put to death. A deadlocked eight-member Supreme Court refused to vacate a stay of execution issued by a federal appeals court, with the court’s four conservative members saying they would have let the execution proceed. Justice Antonin Scalia had died a few months before, leaving the Supreme Court short-handed. Had Justice Scalia lived, Mr. Madison would almost certainly be dead by now.
Irony Alert. 

All funnin' aside, this could be the next group they bar from execution, although unlike intellectual disabilities and teens, it's difficult to figure out where, exactly, to draw a bright line when it comes to dementia and when someone is simply too sick to be killed (don't forget the other irony at work here: inmates are encouraged to get colostomy bags, operations, chemotherapy, etc. so they can be alive when it comes time to kill them).

The get tough types might actually lose this one if Kennedy can be persuaded to further tighten the restrictions. Let's hope they get to straight abolishment and/or getting rid of solitary confinement before Kennedy retires. 

*** Pro Death Penalty Morons

Monday, February 19, 2018

The iGen Moves In

A Mass Shooting Generation Says Enough:

This is life for the children of the mass shooting generation. They were born into a world reshaped by the 1999 attack at Columbine High School in Colorado, and grew up practicing active shooter drills and huddling through lockdowns. They talked about threats and safety steps with their parents and teachers. With friends, they wondered darkly whether it could happen at their own school, and who might do it.
Now, this generation is almost grown up. And when a gunman killed 17 people this week at Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Fla., the first response of many of their classmates was not to grieve in silence, but to speak out. Their urgent voices — in television interviews, on social media, even from inside a locked school office as they hid from the gunman — are now rising in the national debate over gun violence in the aftermath of yet another school shooting.
While many politicians after the shooting were focused on mental health and safety, some vocal students at Stoneman Douglas High showed no reluctance in drawing attention to gun control.
They called out politicians over Twitter, with one student telling Senator Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.” Shortly after the shooting, Cameron Kasky, a junior at the school, and a few friends started a “Never Again” campaign on Facebook that shared stories and perspectives from other students who survived the rampage.
The reason people are scratching their heads over this sudden wave of activism and defiance is because it's a new generation. The IGeneration (born 2000-2019) is a completely new group of folks who have no affinity for or connection to the self-absorbed, klonopin-addled Millennials (1980-1999), the mid-life meltdown, cranky Gen Xers (1961-1979), or the pearl-clutching bitter, aging Boomers (1941-1960). Basically, anyone over the age of 18 who isn't doing anything to protect them while at school, they have no use for. It's a generation that's had enough of your duck and cover, code red, active shooter drills. They're not old enough to "remember a time when" school shootings rarely occurred; they just simply know this bullshit is wrong.

They find the oldsters tiresome, their arguments about "gun rights" boring, and worse their inaction to do anything about mass shootings reprehensible. They look at Washington and they see nothing but old geezers out of ideas and completely compromised in their beliefs. And apparently, they've had enough and are taking things into their own hands with a planned series of school walkouts over the next few months, openly defying politicians who are trying to use them for political capital, and completely giving the finger to the 2A gun nuts and all their money.

Frankly, if there is any hope in this horrific incident, it's that this next generation is getting woke. This might be the real "time's up" incident we remember as the beginning of the next generation to move in and finally do something about the social problem of mass shootings that the Boomers created, the Gen Xers ignored (because we were too busy being ironic), and the Millennials couldn't focus on (because whacked out on psychotropic meds).

This is my kids' generation. And I couldn't be more hopeful or proud.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Thoughts and Prayers (and STFU)

Gunfire Erupts At School. Leaders Offer Prayers. Children Are Buried. Repeat:

Once again a nation sends thoughts and prayers, because it has happened once again.
The flak-jacketed police storming an American school in lockdown. The anguished parents pressing against the police cordon, the morning’s hurried goodbyes suddenly precious. The assembled media unfolding camera tripods and chasing the same story angles as if for the first time.
Aerial footage of children filing out of the school, hands above heads in surrender to the tense moment. Then their frantic dash to safety, their young minds yet to process what they have just witnessed.
Then that moment when the local law enforcement official, face blanched by the sorrow of what must be imparted, appears before cameras. On Wednesday, it was Scott Israel, the sheriff of Florida’s Broward County, who stepped forward to announce the toll of a massacre inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School: 17 children and adults dead, another 16 wounded.
The suspect in custody: Nikolas Cruz, 19, a former student who was expelled from the school and who unnerved acquaintances with his obsession with violence and guns. After the slaughter, the police said, he dropped his legally purchased rifle — an AR-15 — ran out of the school, and bought a drink at a Subway.
“There are no words,” Sheriff Israel said.
Other than offers of thoughts and prayers. Or “prayers and condolences,” as President Trump wrote on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.
Like literally from a script. Then the pro-gun 2A nuts (and their bought and paid for politicians) start in with the usual "ain't about guns" "too soon to talk about guns" "need more guns to stop 'em" dyslexia, and the cycle starts all over again.
“I spent four years dealing with these kinds of events after Sandy Hook,” said the former agent, Katherine W. Schweit, a co-author of a study of 160 active shooting incidents in the United States. “We are not going to be out of business very soon. When I retired in July, I left a whole team still doing this. It’s not shock — it’s sadness.”
This American ritual does not end with a sheriff’s announcement of the number of dead and wounded. Other parts are acted out in an ever-running play whose plot turns on the national paralysis over the Second Amendment.
An organization called Gun Owners of America complains that “another gunman was able to roam freely without any armed teacher or principal opposing him.” Gun control advocates and opponents criticize each other for not allowing the families of victims even one day to grieve. Pundits solemnly pontificate.
Pontificate by giving us their deep thoughts on the "search" for the "real reasons" why he did it (other than gun availability).
Later, in his televised address, Mr. Trump said he planned to work with state and local leaders to “tackle the difficult issue of mental health.”
On Thursday night, Gov. Rick Scott of Florida, a Republican, told CNN that he would “do everything I can to make sure this never happens again.”
Paul Gold, 45, said he lived next door to the Cruzes in 2009 and 2010 and stayed in touch with Lynda Cruz over the years.
“He had emotional problems and I believe he was diagnosed with autism,” Mr. Gold said of Nikolas Cruz. “He had trouble controlling his temper. He broke things. He would do that sometimes at our house when he lost his temper. But he was always very apologetic afterwards.”
He added: “He would sometimes be hitting his head and covering his ears. One time, I sent him home because he was misbehaving at our house and he took a golf club and smashed one of my trailers.”
Again, and for the umpteenth time on this blog over the years, school shootings and mass shooting have nothing to do with "mental illness." Nothing. It's not about Autism or Bi-Polar or the fact that he has "anger issues." The careful level of planning and execution of these shootings suggests a fully rational person who knows exactly what they're doing. A person mentally ill or in the throes of psychosis would literally be unable to carry out such a thing.

All the mental health rhetoric is simply designed to get the focus off the real culprit: the availability of semi-automatic weapons, which states like Florida make it easier to purchase than they do get a driver's license. In fact, in another cruel irony: you can buy an AR-15 at the age of 18 in Florida and go sweep your school, but you can't buy an alcoholic drink till three years later. 
There is still one more reason the weapons are so popular in states like Florida: They are very easy to buy — and for a 19-year-old like Nikolas Cruz, the shooting suspect, far easier to obtain than a handgun.
Florida has a three-day waiting period for handgun purchases. But anyone without a felony record, domestic abuse conviction, or a handful of other exceptions — such as a commitment to a mental institution — can walk into a gun store, wait a few minutes to clear a background check, and walk out with an AR-15 -style rifle, magazines and ammunition.
Under federal law, you also must be 21 to buy a handgun from a firearms dealer. But 18-year-olds can buy semiautomatic rifles.
Because in Florida, you're mature enough to lug a street sweeper around, but not a beer. Got it.

I'm not saying the other structural and environmental factors didn't play a role. I think the loss of both your parents before you're 19 years old creates anomie, and his already disconnected status from school fueled it as well. And sure, kids get angry, like really pissed, in adolescence. All of them do, and that's particularly tied up in toxic masculinity.
Studies have shown, for example, that in school shootings, the killers virtually always “leak” their intentions, leaving a trail of clues behind them. Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old who the police said has confessed in the Parkland shooting, apparently was no exception: Students reportedly avoided him and joked that if anyone were going to shoot up the school, it would be him.
Researchers have also found that in many, if not most, cases of school violence, the perpetrator has done extensive research on previous school shootings, studying them in detail, often with special attention to the killings at Columbine High School in 1999. A study of nine school shootings in Europe conducted by J. Reid Meloy, a forensic psychologist in San Diego who consults on threat assessment for schools and corporations, found that a third of the killers had “consciously imitated and emulated what had happened in Columbine.”
Finally, there is nascent, but increasing, evidence that violence begets violence, with one school shooting — especially if it receives a lot of publicity — leading to others, a phenomenon that researchers refer to as “contagion.” And some psychologists believe that news media reports of mass killings may propel people who are already at risk of violence into committing copycat crimes.
And before you know it, there will be "Parkland appreciation" websites lauding this dope and what he did on Valentine's Day, and soon more shootings using his methods, etc.

Sadly, there simply isn't the political will to move against these semiautomatic rifles and remove them from society. There isn't any kind of political will at all to do any kind of guns control because, as noted several times already on this blog, the reaction to these kinds mass carnage is more, not less, guns. 

That's right, more. This is how we get more campus carry, concealed carry, open carry (and the quantifiable leap in violence in those states which have passed them v. those who didn't), and pretty soon if we're all armed, every single person will be able to start shooting when a mass shooter enters the building, and when the cops show up, they won't know who the "good guy with the gun" is and who isn't, and believe me, all you Rambo/Deathwish/Dirty Harry mf's will end up dead too. 

Good luck with that. And Happy Belated Valentine's Day, America.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

What Happened In Vegas Shouldn't Have (part whatever)

Las Vegas Gunman's Brain Exam Only Deepens Mystery:

Stephen Paddock, the 64-year-old gunman who killed 58 concertgoers in Las Vegas last October in the worst mass shooting in modern American history, had not had a stroke, brain tumor or a number of other neurological disorders that might have helped explain his actions, a recent autopsy and examination of the remains of his brain showed.
Why would it have? There's never been a neurological or biological link associated with mass shootings, or even violence generally, that's ever been documented. I'm stunned they spent the money to do this.
The brain examination was conducted by Dr. Hannes Vogel, the director of neuropathology at Stanford University. Dr. Vogel said he was able to perform an adequate evaluation, despite damage caused by Mr. Paddock’s fatal, self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
“With a good deal of screening, I didn’t see anything,” he said, that could explain why Mr. Paddock became a calculating mass killer.
There was no evidence of frontotemporal lobar degeneration, which affects “executive functions,” including decision-making and social interactions, and can cause personality changes and unrestrained behavior. That disease would likely have been inconsistent with someone able to engage in meticulous planning.
Again, duh. No one psychotic or delusional could have carried out something as meticulously plotted as what this dumb ass did.
A primary care physician in Las Vegas — who said he had been Mr. Paddock’s doctor since 2009 and had last seen him as a patient roughly a year before the shooting — told officials that he suspected Mr. Paddock had bipolar disorder. That psychological disorder, however, cannot be identified in a typical post-mortem examination of brain structures. And while some studies have shown that people with bipolar disorder are more likely to have a history of violent behavior than the general public, the majority of them do not, and the relationship between mental health and violence involves many other factors.
Right, namely that there is no relationship between mental health and violence.
The doctor, who was not named in the report, also described Mr. Paddock as having behaved oddly, showing little emotion and expressing fear of medications. Mr. Paddock had refused prescriptions for antidepressants, but the physician had prescribed anti-anxiety medicine for him.
LOL. That's like 99% of men in the United States. Guys are socialized to show little emotion and express fear of taking meds or going to the doctor generally. So what?
Even so, Dr. Vogel, the Stanford neuropathologist, said the results of his examination should reassure the public that Mr. Paddock’s doctors had not missed diagnosing a tumor or other major brain disorder that could have been treated.
Yeah, because we're all still out here worrying about whether the old cuck had a brain tumor or that he "snapped." Said no one, ever.

You know what they should have measured? The size of his penis. I'd bet dollars to donuts dude had what the literature calls a "micro-penis," and that "pencil dick" is highly correlated with both gun ownership and violent outcomes.

I'm kidding (maybe) but that's how stupid it is for this general physician to suggest depression or bi-polar had anything to do with it. In fact the whole article is stupid because it furthers the idea that this guy was a lone wolf, and not the product of our culture and society.

I've already explained the motivation in earlier posts. Why the media supposedly keeps "looking for the reasons or motivation behind why he did it" is beyond me. He did it because he could. Because guns everywhere. Because our culture is soaked in violence and blood.  Because toxic masculinity. And because we're a dumb society.

Any other questions?